About Us

EMULAR Energy Services Limited is one of the best service provider and leading integrated energy support companies. Provides integrated engineering services to the oil and gas industry, commercial enterprise, and public agencies in Nigeria. Guided by Worldwide Standards and Best Practices, we devote our resources and skills to provide dependable quality services in analytical services, technical services, quality control/quality assurance in mud chemicals, supply of industrial chemicals and raw materials, supply of petroleum product and engineering applications.
At EMULAR Energy, we understand the business and the burden of technicality in mud chemicals information and compliance management. Our unwavering vision and commitment to our role as your global strategic partner for energy compliance data is evidenced by our long-standing customer relationships and high renewal and retention rates. EMULAR is solely dedicated to providing our customers with:

Accurate and Quality Analytical Data and Content at the Core

EMULAR Energy’s core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining mud chemicals compliance related data and making it available to our customers in a format that is easy and practical to use, and based on their specific needs. EMULAR analytical data and content set is industry-leading and unsurpassed. It is the broadest, most dynamically updated, highest quality and most accurate collection of data.

Unmatched Experience & Expertise

While analytical data is at the core of our business, the true value is realized when we apply our expertise, best practices and business rules to the data. EMULAR has wealth of experience providing critical analytical and mud chemical services to global customers. Our professionals have deep domain expertise and many are recognized as industry thought leaders, as evidenced by our industry awards, speaking engagements and published articles. EMULAR energy is the only provider with the unique and powerful combination of sourcing our own content and developing the underlying technology to deliver it, all with our own employees who have direct contact with the content and our customers.

Business Rules & Best Practices

As a result of the powerful combination of EMULAR Energy’s experienced staff and rich repository of data, EMULAR Energy has developed a set of business rules and best practices that is unparalleled in the industry. Rigorous care is taken to ensure the quality of our data, including the accuracy and comprehensiveness of regulatory lists, legislation or scientific data; and the constant review and maintenance of the currency of the MSDSs’ in our database. These meticulous processes translate into a proven methodology and track record resulting in the earned trust of a loyal and devoted customer base of thousands.

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