Our HSE Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

EMULAR Energy Services is committed to the health of employees, clients, contractors, the public and the protection of the environment. This is an integral part of the company performance and as such is a prime responsibility of employees and management at every level. As an international company, EMULAR Energy Services is dedicated to achieving a high level of safety performance wherever it operates in the world. In order to achieve top performance, EMULAR Energy services will:

  • Assess the health, safety and environmental aspects and impacts of all proposed activities in order
    to design appropriate control measures.
  • Comply as a minimum with all local legislated acts, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Ensure all necessary safeguards and training are provided for protection of the environment and
    all affected personnel.
  • Involve and consult employees in the development of company HSE policies and procedures
  • Develop, publish and effectively communicate company HSE procedures to all employees in order to
    continuously improve health, safety and the environment.
  • Put in place an effective HSE Management System in order to minimize occupational hazards and environmental impacts
  • Require all employees and contractors to comply with both EMULAR Energy Services and the Client’s safety policies and work safely, with due respect for the health and safety of others and also the protection of the environment at large.

Our primary goal therefore is to safeguard public health,safety and the environment through every aspect of our business. HSE IS OUR PRIORITY, UPHOLD IT!


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